Saturday, March 25, 2006

Coming full circle

Two weeks until the big move. I haven't even allowed myself to feel anything about it. I can talk about it in very sterile terms, but I have yet to address how I feel about the whole thing. I left a lot of things behind in Delaware, things that I'd rather forget. The freshness of upstate New York cleansed me from the foul stench of familiarity. And now I return, a new person in an old place. I have much to look forward to, however. Making more money. Being home at night with my husband and my kids. Being close to a beach. Being closer to good friends.

I was never more impassioned and devastated in that place. I was never more loved and hated in that place. Delaware was my place of contradiction. It now must be my place of promise. Something's getting ready to happen where I am going and, if my last visit was any indication, it certainly will be interesting.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Thanks Hucklebuck.

Well friends, I've been seduced by the spirit of blog (whatever that means). Actually an e-mail from my friend and former co-worker Chris "Hucklebuck" Stevens got me thinking that blogging might not be such a bad thing. I'm hoping it will be theraputic. Certainly, I have a point of view that might interest someone in the world, but mostly, I'll be writing to eleviate the pressure created by a constant stream of words and thoughts. I have so much to say, little of which is important to anyone but me. I learned a long time ago not to assume that everyone wanted to hear what I have to say.

I think my greatest challenge will be resisting the urge to edit my entries. I've spent the last two years as a copy editor, so that will be tough. Like almost everyone, I'm searching for something. And maybe this blog is just another attempt to find myself. (Was that cliche?)

Thanks Hucklebuck. Your musings have inspired me.